We Deal in Lead A Weird West Wanders Adventure Game

We Deal in Lead

Version: 1.1

Download: We Deal in Lead SRD v1.1.zip

Writing, Layout, & Design: Colin Le Sueur

Text © Colin Le Sueur 2022, licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0.

We Deal in Lead is based on Cairn by Yochai Gal

Online Resources: lead.byodinsbeardrpg.com

Editing: Fiona Maeve Geist


The Dark Tower, Cairn, Into the Odd, The Magnificent Seven, The Man With No Name

Content and Safety Tools

We Deal in Lead is a dark fantasy built around guns and gunslingers and touches on topics of violence, revenge, horror, death, sacrifice, and gore.

The following distressing themes may occur:

  • Slavery, colonialism, and genocide
  • Animal peril (beast companions)
  • Player versus player conflict (opposing quests and sacrifice)

Discuss and agree what content should and shouldn’t be included.

Consider safety tools to ensure everyone is comfortable, having fun, and has the necessary support.

Core Rules #

Introduction #

We Deal in Lead

An adventure game for one facilitator (the Warden) and 1 or more player(s) acting as hardened gunslingers exploring fallen & crumbling worlds filled with dangerous folk, lost mysteries, and unspeakable monstrosities.

Design Philosophy #

Neutrality. The Warden portrays the rules, situations, NPCs, and narrative clearly as a neutral arbiter.

Classless. A character’s role or skills are not limited by class. Instead, carried equipment and their experiences define their specialty.

Death. Characters are powerful, but also vulnerable to many forms of harm. Death is everywhere but never random or without warning.

Fiction first. Dice don’t always reflect an obstacle’s outcome. The Warden arbitrates success and failure in dialogue with the players, based on in-world elements.

Growth. Characters change through surviving dangerous events and overcoming obstacles.

Player choice. Players should understand the reasons behind choices and potential risks should be provided freely and frequently.

Principles. The Warden and players each have guidelines fostering a play experience defined by critical thinking, exploration, and emergent narrative.

Shared objectives. Players engage with the shared setting, character intent, and party challenges, working collectively toward common goals.

Adventures #

What type of adventures can a player expect?

  • Defend a village against roving bandits
  • Hunt a monstrous machine stealing children
  • Reclaim an underground base swarming with mutants
  • Retrieve an eldritch relic fallen from another world
  • Confront a raging colossus blocking supplies to an isolated settlement
  • Broker peace between warring factions
  • Protect a caravan travelling through dangerous territory
  • Infiltrate a secretive cult to forgotten gods
  • Explore other worlds via lost slip doors

Principles #

Principles for Wardens #


  • Provide useful information as characters explore the game world
  • Players don’t roll dice to learn about their circumstances
  • Be helpful and direct answering questions
  • Respond honestly, describe consistently, and let them know they can ask questions


  • Default to context and realism rather than numbers and mechanics
  • If something a player wants to do is impossible, no roll accomplishes it
  • Is what the player describes and how they leverage it sensible? It happens!
  • Saves cover many uncertain situations and are often necessary for risky actions


  • The game world is organic, malleable and random—it intuits and makes sharp turns
  • Use random tables and generators to develop situations, not stories or plots
  • NPCs remember what PCs say and do
  • Infuse NPCs’ self-interest and will to live into their personality

Narrative Focus

  • Emergent experience matters, not maths or character abilities. Give the players weapon trainers and personal quests facilitating improvement and specialisation
  • Pay attention to player needs and wants, then provide realistic opportunities
  • A bullet to the head kills you, regardless of expensive gear and impressive training


  • The world produces real risk of pain and death
  • Telegraph serious danger when it is present. The more dangerous, the more obvious
  • Put traps in plain sight and let players generate a solution
  • Provide chances to solve problems and interact with the world


  • Specific to its environment and tells a story
  • Treasure is always highly valuable, usually bulky, and rarely useful—beyond worth and prestige
  • Relics, despite being useful and interesting, are not Treasure
  • Use Treasure as a lure to exotic locations protected by deadly foes


  • Provide a solid choice forcing outcomes when the situation lulls
  • Use binary “so, A or B?” questions responding to vague intentions
  • Collaborate the conversational progress, keeping the game moving
  • Ensure PC actions leave their mark

Die of Fate

  • Occasionally you want an element of randomness (ie. the weather, unique character knowledge, etc.)
  • At these times, roll 1d6
  • 3 or less favours the players
  • 4 or more means bad luck for PCs or allies

Principles for Players #


  • Attributes and saves do not define your character—they’re tools
  • Don’t ask only what your character would do but what you would do
  • Be creative with your intuition, items, and connections


  • Seek consensus before barrelling forward
  • Stay on the same page about goals and limits, accomplishing more collectively


  • Asking questions and listening is more useful than stats, items, or skills
  • Take the Warden’s description without suspicion but don’t be afraid to seek more information
  • There’s no single right way forward


  • Treat NPCs as real people, relying on your curiosity to safely gain information and solve problems
  • Most people are interesting and want to talk things through before getting violent


  • Pulling iron is a choice and rarely a wise one—consider whether violence helps reach your goals
  • Try to stack the odds in your favour and retreat from adverse situations


  • Avoid obstacles through reconnaissance, subtlety, and fact-finding
  • Do some research and ask around about your objectives


  • Set goals and use your meagre means to take steps forward
  • Expect nothing—earn your reputation
  • Keep things moving forward and play to see what happens


  • If one path leads to defeat, try another
  • Some obstacles can’t be overcome immediately
  • With every defeat comes new knowledge and opportunities

Principles of the Drifted World #

The World Has Moved On

  • Forces once immutable shift as space and time’s borders thin—opposing realms bleed into ours
  • The old ways bubble up, trailed by chaos and madness

The Gunslingers

  • Once a symbol of order and feudal authority, few remain
  • Their guns remain a powerful sigil, marking them as Gunslingers

The Slip Doors

  • Gateways between worlds, some lost and others in plain sight
  • Only open for the right hand


  • Most magical knowledge is lost and use of magic draws unwanted attention
  • Magic is wild and unpredictable, especially between worlds


  • Broken and corrupted remnants of the world that was lay abandoned everywhere
  • Vast machinery stirs underground, driving reality’s gears


  • The clearing at the end of the path
  • Only a corpse may speak true prophecy
  • Death is but a door and may lead to other worlds than these

The Oath

  • A gunslinger who kills with their gun has forgotten the face of their elder
  • A gunslinger kills with their heart

Gunslinger Creation #

Name, Background & Traits #

  1. First, choose or roll your character’s first name and surname (Name & Background tables) and decide their pronouns.
  2. Next, choose or roll their background (knowledge and potential skills).
  3. Next, roll their remaining traits (appearance, reputation, etc.) (Gunslinger Traits tables).
  4. Decide whether they’re from the Drifted World or arrived here through a Slip Door.
  5. Then, roll their age (4d12+10).
  6. Finally, choose or roll for your gun (Artefact Guns table and Gun Embellishments table).

Ability Scores #

Roll 3d6 for each in order, swap two.

Strength (STR) Brawn, prowess, and resistance.
Dexterity (DEX) Agility, sneaking, and reflexes.
Heart (HRT) Resolve, charm, and force of will.

Grit #

Gunslingers are more resilient than others in the Drifted World.

Roll 2d6 for starting Grit, your capacity to endure and survive in a world that’s moved on, not your health or fortitude.

Starting Gear #

All characters begin with 12 inventory slots for gear and equipment.

Roll on the Starting Gear tables to determine your hat, armour, tools, and equipment.

See the Equipment List for related armour, damage, and slot values.

In addition, all gunslingers carry:

  • 3 days’ rations (1 slot)
  • A torch (1 slot)
  • 3d6 Lead (1 slot)

Gunslingers should not start with a full inventory; consider collaborating over what to carry.

Gunslinger Creation Example #

Amy (she/her) wants to create a Gunslinger.

Amy rolls a d100 for a first name (76: Rebecca). Amy likes and keeps it (“Becca for short.”) For surname, Amy rolls (52: Kruse). Amy decides Rebecca uses she/her and rolls d10 for background (9: Drifter).

Rebecca Kruse (she/her), Drifter.

Amy doesn’t know much about Rebecca, so she rolls Gunslinger traits with the following results:

She’s short, with pockmarked skin, flowing hair, a chiselled face, and wary eyes. She speaks eloquently, wears road-worn clothing, and is tolerant yet ruthless. She has a boisterous reputation and has been heartbroken.

Rebecca starts taking shape in Amy’s mind as she rolls 4d12+10 for Rebecca’s age, getting 40.

Next, Amy needs to determine what kind of gun Rebecca carries, rolling a d6 for Artefact Guns: (1: twin six shooters). She rolls 2d6 twice for Gun Embellishments, getting walnut grips and sword engraving. Amy decides this should represent Excalibur.

Now Amy rolls Rebecca’s ability scores, rolling 3d6 three times and assigning the abilities in order:

12 STR


12 HRT

Amy thinks Rebecca is light on her feet rather than tough and switches her STR and DEX:


12 DEX

12 HRT

Next, Amy rolls 2d6 for Grit, getting 6.

Finally, Amy rolls Starting Gear:

She wears a black preacher hat, waxed cotton duster (1 DEF), and bandolier (1 free slot for Lead). Her pack carries 3 days’ rations, a cudgel, lantern and oil, and a bandanna.

Rolling a d20 for her bonus item, she gets (19: compass).

Amy rolls 3d6 for Rebecca’s starting Lead, getting 9.

Hats and bandannas don’t take up any slots, so Rebecca has 3 remaining inventory slots.

Amy’s finished creating Rebecca and ready to set off into the Drifted World.

Rules #

Ability Scores #

There are 3 abilities:

Strength (STR): Used for saves requiring physical power like lifting gates, bending bars, resisting poison, etc. and critical damage.

Dexterity (DEX): Used for saves requiring poise, speed, and reflexes like dodging, climbing, sneaking, balancing, etc.

Heart (HRT): Used for saves to persuade, deceive, intimidate, charm, provoke, carry out rituals, etc. and gunslinger duels.

Saves #

A roll to avoid bad outcomes from risky choices and circumstances.

Roll a d20 against an appropriate ability score. If you roll equal to or under the score, you succeed. Otherwise, you fail. A 1 always succeeds and a 20 always fails.

In some situations, saves are made with a bonus (advantage) or penalty (disadvantage). Roll twice, taking the lower result (advantage) or higher (disadvantage).

Fatigue & Deprivation #

Fatigue. Each point occupies 1 Inventory slot and is gained when deprived, by using certain items, monster abilities, etc.

Deprived. Lacking something crucial (such as food or rest) leaves you deprived and unable to recover Grit or ability scores. After one day’s deprivation, add 1 Fatigue to your inventory daily.

Fatigue and deprivation last until you recuperate (a full night’s rest in a safe spot, minimum).

Healing #

Momentary rest and a drink of water restore Grit but leaves you exposed.

Ability loss restoration requires a week’s rest facilitated by a healer or other appropriate expert.

Some services may be free, while more expedient or advanced means of recovery may come at a cost.

Defence #

While good at deflecting melee weapon attacks (from knives and clubs, for instance), armour is poor protection against guns, especially gunslingers’.

For melee attacks, deduct Defence from damage rolls. Shields and similar armour provide a defensive bonus only while held or worn. No one can have more than 3 DEF.

Guns fired by gunslingers or harriers impact Grit directly, bypassing DEF.

Items such as leather cuffs and helmets may provide additional benefits through use.

NPC Reactions #

When encountering an NPC whose reaction is not obvious, roll 2d6 and consult the following:

Reactions Table #
Reaction 2d6
Helpful 2
Talkative 3-5
Unsure 6-8
Unfriendly 9-11
Hostile 12

Additionally, you may roll for NPC motivations on the What Do They Want? table below.

What Do They Want? #
Want Description d10
Food/Aid Hungry or injured, requiring help 1
Lead Want d20 Lead: a tax, a toll, tribute, tithe, or simple greed 2
Treasure Want items (equal to the number of gunslingers) 3
Gun Want one of your guns 4
Territory Will defend their territory; want you to leave or justify passage 5
Info Want info about a rival faction, NPC, monster, landmark or locale 6
Help Require aid: retrieve an item, kill a monster, or clear an area 7
Trade Seek to trade (with high mark-up) 8
Mission Serve the strongest local force and seek to maintain that power 9
Direction Seek a guide or escort to a safe area 10

Morale #

Enemies roll a HRT save to avoid fleeing when taking their first casualty and again after losing half their number. Lone foes save at 0 Grit.

Morale uniquely affects your party (see The Order of Gunslingers).

Inventory #

  • You start with 12 inventory slots: a satchel with 8 slots, 1 slot for each hand, and 2 slots for upper body (belt, chest, or head)
  • The satchel doubles as a sleeping bag if emptied of contents
  • Most items occupy 1 slot but hats and small items don’t occupy any
  • Lead occupies 1 slot without a bandolier or similar accessory
  • Bulky items occupy 2 slots and are awkward or difficult to carry
  • Anyone with a full inventory is reduced to 0 Grit
  • Your inventory dictates your maximum carry—carts, mules, horses, and hirelings increase slots

Hirelings #

Hirelings aid expeditions. To create a hireling: roll 3d6 for ability scores, d6 for Grit and roll a simple weapon (d6); further flesh them out using the Gunslinger Creation tables.

While not gunslingers, hirelings may quest to join the Order.

Hirelings cost 1-3 Lead daily or a treasure share.

Wealth & Treasure #

The most valuable currency is ammunition, Lead.

Less common are gold pieces (gp) which are normally mixed with lesser metals.

Treasure is highly valuable, usually bulky, and rarely useful beyond its value. It can be a lure to exotic and even dangerous locations, often protected by intimidating foes.

Villages, strongholds, and ports of call barter and trade based on goods’ local rarity and value.

The Order of Gunslingers #

The Order #

If playing with 2 or more players, consider forming a gunslinger Order, a fellowship offering strength in numbers.

Roll determining your Order’s name or choose one collaboratively.

Order of… d20
The Fool 1
The Flag 2
The Rule 3
Mystery 4
The Bonfire 5
The Wagon 6
The Fist 7
The Mount 8
Coins 9
The Gun 10
The Gallows 11
The Clearing 12
Control 13
Old Scratch 14
The King 15
Etoi 16
Lun 17
Sol 18
The Judge 19
The Earth 20
The Errant #

One Order member is designated lead gunslinger, the Errant—players should collaboratively choose the Errant. This could be the most experienced, oldest, or any other narratively sensible rationale.

The Errant focuses the Order, shepherding the group on their Quest. When the time comes, the Errant may need to choose between the Order and the Quest.

Some gunslinger Orders eschew an Errant or work collectively on democratic principles.

Breaking the Order #

Even the strongest Gunslinger Order faces trials and adversity. If the unthinkable happens, the Order’s fellowship is tested.

When an Order member dies or loses their gun, the Errant rolls a successful HRT save or the Order is broken.

For Orders sans Errant, the highest HRT gunslinger makes the save.

Fate is cruel to a broken Order. Hands quiver more often. Targets elude you more easily. The wind shifts at the last moment.

Broken Order’s members have a +2 penalty for every roll on the Shoot table.

A broken Order is mended through unity and discovery, for example:

The Order…

  • … forges a new Gunslinger
  • … defeats a major enemy
  • … unveils a mysterious truth
  • … saves a Gunslinger’s life
  • … fulfils a Quest

After a significant event, the Errant may attempt to re-forge the Order. Rolling a HRT save, if successful, means the Order is made whole once more, removing the +2 penalty.

Some breaks, like from a sacrifice, cannot be mended. A new Order must be formed with at least two different members.

The Quest #

Drives a Gunslinger forward, the goal propelling them through The Drifted World. The Quest is not an adventure or a campaign but the Gunslinger’s life goal.

The Quest materialises during the Gunslinger’s forging, shaping their past, present, and future.

Quest ideas:

  • Locate and retrieve your elder’s guns
  • Hunt your elder’s killer
  • Restore your family’s honour
  • Reach The Drifted World’s centre
  • Slay the demon within you
  • Defeat the eternal terror ruling the realm of dread

Fulfilling your Quest is a major achievement, often coming at the end of a Gunslinger’s life, though one Quest may transition to a greater Quest or lead to an end to Gunslinging.

Your Quests may be secret, hidden from your Order, or written openly on your face. The strongest Gunslinger Orders have complimentary, or at least unopposed, Quests.

There will be situations where Quests clash or present a choice between fulfilment and maintaining the Order’s fellowship. In extreme situations, this can lead to sacrifice. Discuss these choices collectively as they may result in conflict.

Sacrifice #

Your Quest’s goal is within reach, after lifetimes of searching. The resolution is almost at hand but your goal is slipping from your grasp. What final step would fulfil your life’s work? What would you sacrifice?

Sacrifice means something different to everyone, but simply: faced with two outcomes, you choose advancing your Quest at a cost to your Order.

This cost could be tangible (the loss of a gun or a Gunslinger’s death) or abstract (betraying the Order’s trust or crossing a moral line).

Sacrifice can result in a permanently broken Order but can also lead to a major Quest revelation or even fulfilment. Be sure to discuss this collectively, especially if the activity involves another player.

Items & Equipment #

Artefact Guns #

Six shooter: Exceptionally heavy, made of blue-steel with smooth grips and flip-out cylinder

Repeater: Lever action repeating rifle with long stock

Scattergun: Long-barrelled side-by-side shotgun with short stock

Rifle: Long manual bolt-action rifle with open front sights

Name Dmg Shots Range Qualities
Six shooter d8 6 Short  
Twin six shooters d8 12 (6x2) Short bulky, dual
Repeater d8 8 Medium bulky
Scattergun d8 2 Short bulky, blast
Rifle d10 4 Long bulky

Armour #

Thick furs: Treated for weather and warmth with a deep hood

Waxed cotton duster: Dark brown full-length, waxed cotton coat

Padded poncho: Multi-colour quilted poncho with detachable hood and gloves

Reinforced leather jacket: Reinforced with steel studs and woven plates

Name Def Qualities
Thick furs 1 warm
Waxed cotton duster 1  
Padded poncho 1 bulky
Reinforced leather jacket 2 rare

Melee Weapons #

Bullwhip: Single-tailed, braided leather, 15’

Chakram: Steel circle with a sharpened outer edge and wrapped grip

Cudgel: Stout piece of wood

Dagger: Versatile blade with sweeping edge sharpened to a fine point

Longbow: Long, curved elm wood, tied with strong flax

Machete: Broad tapered blade with wrapped horn handle

Sabre: Elegant, cross-handled, curved, 1-handed

Sledgehammer: Heavy, two-handed reinforced oak shaft with a dense steel head

Slingshot: Folding, steel-framed wrist brace with resilient bands

Spear: Wood shaft fitted with sharp iron head for thrusting or throwing

Name Dmg Range Qualities
Bullwhip d4 - reach short
Chakram d6 Short dual
Cudgel d6 -  
Dagger d6 Short dual
Longbow d10 Medium bulky
Machete d6 -  
Sabre d8 -  
Sledgehammer d10 - bulky
Slingshot d6 Short rare
Spear d6 Short  

Items #

Bandolier: Multi-pocketed belt slung over shoulder and chest for storing Lead (frees 1 slot)

Compass (unreliable): Worn and weathered steel and glass magnetic compass. Inaccurate reading on a 5 or 6 on a d6.

First aid kit: Compact white tin kit with faded red cross. Contains antiseptic, bandages, plasters, and disposable gloves

Gun care kit: Ancient tin box filled with cleaning rods, brass brushes, and repair tools

Mouth harp (gewgaw): Delicate musical instrument with reed on a frame. Hold in the mouth and twang

Lasso: 30’ rope tied into a sturdy loop, tightens when secured and pulled

Leather wrist cuffs: Sturdy bracelet protecting wearer’s wrists (+1 DEF)

Monocular: Compact, refracting, 8x magnification telescope, extendible and waterproof

Multitool: Battered pocket hand tool with folding implements: knife, pliers, tin opener, screwdriver

Paper: Extremely rare and valuable, symbol of wealth and opulence

Rugged wheelchair: Strengthened and reinforced; dense tires, bumper, and anti-tip back—with saddlebags

Sheath knife: Extremely sharp and strong fixed broad blade for bushcraft and general utility

Steel-toed boots: Aged tough leather with steel reinforced toes added protection

Items Table  
Name Qualities
Air bladder  
Bandanna small
Cart (+4 slots) bulky
Chain (10’)  
Chalk small
Coffee rare, small
Compass (unreliable) rare, small
Deck of cards rare, small
Dice small
Drill (manual)  
Face paint  
Fire oil  
First aid kit rare
Fishing line and hook  
Glass marbles small
Grappling hook  
Guitar rare
Gun care kit rare
Harmonica small
Horse (+4 slots) rare
Mouth harp (gewgaw) rare
Ladder (10’) bulky
Lantern & oil  
Large trap  
Leather wrist cuffs +1 DEF
Lens small
Lockpicks small
Metal file  
Mirror small
Monocular rare
Mule (+6 slots) slow
Multitool rare
Oilskin bag  
Paper rare
Pole (10’) bulky
Quill & ink  
Rations (3 days)  
Razor small
Rope (25’)  
Rugged wheelchair (+2 slots) rare
Sewing kit  
Sheath knife  
Soap small
Spectacles rare
Spiked boots  
Steel-toed boots rare
Tent (2 person) bulky
Tinder box small
Tobacco small
Wagon (+8 slots, slow) rare

Combat #

Attacking & Damage #

  • Gun attacks bypass defence, directly reducing Grit
  • Melee attacks lower Grit, reduced by DEF
  • Unarmed always does d4 damage
Attack Modifiers #

Multiple attackers. Multiple attackers targeting the same foe roll all damage dice, keeping the best result.

Dual and 2-handed weapons. Attacking with two weapons or wielding a weapon with both hands grants damage advantage.

Damage advantage/disadvantage. Roll twice, taking the higher result (damage advantage) or lower result (damage disadvantage).

Diminished attacks. Attacks from a weak position (ie. through cover or with bound hands) are diminished, dealing d4 damage.

Enhanced attacks. Attacks from an advantageous position (ie. against a helpless foe or through a daring manoeuvre) are enhanced for d12 damage.

Blast #
  • Affects all targets in the noted area, rolling separately for each
  • Covers explosions to cleaving onslaughts to a meteorite impact
  • If unsure how many affected targets, roll the related damage die for a result
Rounds #
  • In a fight or when timing is helpful, rounds (~10 seconds in-game) track when something occurs and are comprised of turns
Actions #
  • On their turn, characters can move up to 40’ and act once (attack, move again, or other reasonable action)
  • Declare actions before rolling dice. For risky actions, roll a save
  • All actions, attacks, and movements occur simultaneously
  • The Warden telegraphs NPC actions
  • Gunslingers act before opponents unless surprised, where they act first with a successful DEX save
  • If facing off against another Gunslinger, see Duels

Gunslinging #

The Guns of a Gunslinger #

A gunslinger is nothing without their gun, mostly handed down from elder to child. Firearms are exceedingly rare in The Drifted World but a Gunslinger’s guns, called artefact guns or big iron, are even rarer and draw immediate attention.

Artefact guns stand apart from other firearms—in craftsmanship, materials, and effectiveness. Each is a relic, imbued with ancient magical essence (see Relics) and as magical weapons can hurt and kill those immune to mundane attacks.

Additionally, once daily in combat you can call upon the imbued essence, reinvigorating yourself and strengthening your resolve:

Steel Resolve. You draw resolve from the steel, channelling your will through your artefact gun. Regain your gun’s damage die in Grit with a successful HRT save (+1 Fatigue regardless of outcome).

When travelling between worlds, artefact guns retain their magical properties.

Unlike other firearms, an artefact gun is not guaranteed to hit. When attacking, roll on the Shoot table determining if your aim is true. Non-Gunslingers roll with disadvantage.

Unlike melee weapons, in a Gunslinger’s hands, all guns ignore armour.

Ammo and Reloading #

Guns have an ammo capacity (d4, d6, etc.). Track shots you have remaining by starting at the die’s highest number and reducing by 1 after every shot.

For guns with 2 shots, use a coin or token.

  • When no shots remain, reloading takes a turn
  • All reloads cost 1 Lead
Distance and Range #
Distance and Range Table    
Range Distance Weapons
Close Smell someone’s breath Melee weapons
Short In the same room or across the road Revolvers and thrown weapons
Medium The next hill over Long rifles and hunting bows
Long Across the valley High-powered rifles
Shooting #

Guns are unpredictable, even in an experienced Gunslinger’s hands. When firing in the heat of combat, roll on the Shoot table.

As a Gunslinger, fellowship’s bonds influence how true your aim is or how cruel fates are.

Shoot Table
Result 2d6
Maximum damage 2-3
Hit 4-6
Graze (d4 damage) 7-9
Miss 10-11
Roll on the Misfire table 12
Misfire Table
Misfire Result 2d6
Click Nothing happens 2-3
Duff load -1 Lead 4-6
Jammed Action to clear 7-9
Damaged Inoperable until repair 10-11
Explodes Weapon damage, gun is ruined 12

A damaged gun is repaired with a gun care kit but ruined guns require a gunsmith (see Gunsmithing).

Special Attacks #

Over time, Gunslingers attain expert proficiency with their guns, gaining the ability to perform special attacks unique to each gun type.

To use one, roll once on the Shoot table, though this extracts a toll (+1 Fatigue).

Twin six shooters. Two and Two: Fire each gun twice (damage advantage against 2 different targets).

Six shooter. Fan the Hammer: Use both hands to rapidly fire all six shots (blast damage against up to 6 targets).

Repeater. Cry Pardon: Rapidly fire three shots (blast damage to 3 targets).

Scattergun. Give it Both Barrels: Fire both shots simultaneously (double damage blast attack).

Rifle. Dead Eye: Steady, called shot (a successful attack deals max damage).

Additionally, all guns have the following special attack, usable at any time (+1 Fatigue):

Quick Draw: Quicker than the eye, smoothly draw and fire in one motion.

Duels #

High risk/high reward duels are a tradition for testing one’s mettle against another Gunslinger, whether from an opposed Order or a disgraced harrier, but never entered into lightly.

Contesting who draws and fires first, each side rolls a HRT save (a gunslinger does not kill with their gun but kills with their heart):

  • If one side fails, the winner’s shot hits
  • If both fail, both shots hit
  • If both succeed, the lowest roll hits (highest HRT hits in a tie)

Duels directly damage STR, bypassing Grit, and trigger a critical damage save.

Rolling a 1 deals maximum damage.

When two groups face off, the Errant (or lead gunslinger) makes the group’s HRT save.

Gunsmithing #

Scattered around the Drifted World, tucked away in isolated enclaves or behind fortress walls, are gunsmiths, experts who repair, modify, or even forge artefact guns.

These rare individuals keep a low profile and their work commands a king’s ransom.


For a price and with the right components, a gunsmith can repair a damaged or ruined gun and may also sell gun care kits.


For the right price, a gunsmith can modify artefact guns to upgrade certain characteristics.

Expanded Cartridge (rifle). Allows for a higher shot capacity but reduces damage.

Mare’s Leg (repeater). Trimming the barrel and stock reduces weight.

Quick Load (six shooter). Allows faster reloads (reload and fire in one action) but reduces damage.

Sawed-Off (scattergun). Trimming the barrel and stock reduces weight.

Gun Modifications Table        
Gun Mod Dmg Shots Qualities
Six shooter Quick Load d6 6 reload
Repeater Mare’s Leg d8 8  
Scattergun Sawed-Off d8 2 blast
Rifle Expanded Cartridge d8 6 bulky


Only the most skilled even attempt forging new artefact guns; the ritual process is intensive, dangerous, and requires inordinate knowledge and experience.

One (or more) of the following is required:

  • Gun schematic
  • A block of pure blue-grey iron
  • A block of pure rosewood, sandalwood, or ironwood
  • Incantation for the ritual of binding

Critical Damage #

  • Once reduced to 0 Grit, additional damage reduces STR and triggers critical damage
  • Roll under STR to avoid critical damage
  • Critical damage: incapacitated apart from crawling weakly, grasping for life. Stabilise with aid and rest. Die within an hour if left untreated
  • Certain enemies have special abilities triggered when their target fails a critical damage save

Ability Score Loss #

  • At 0 STR, you die
  • At 0 DEX, you are immobilised
  • At 0 HRT, you are delirious

0 DEX and HRT is incapacitating until restored through extended rest or extraordinary means.

Poison #

Some monsters and environmental hazards inflict poison. Being poisoned adds poison (1 slot) to your inventory. Lose 1d4 STR daily.

Cured by specialised healing or specific items.

Death #

All Gunslingers eventually reach the clearing at the end of the path but not all deaths are final. After all, death is but another door.

If your gunslinger dies and steps off the path into the clearing, you may choose to create a new character or take control of a hireling.

As a Gunslinger’s death is a terrible thing, the Errant rolls a HRT save to keep the order together (see Breaking the Order).

Detachments #

Large groups of similar combatants fighting together are a single detachment.

When dealt critical damage, a detachment is routed or significantly weakened. At 0 STR, it is destroyed.

  • Individual’s (non-blast) attacks against detachments are diminished
  • Detachments’ attacks against are enhanced and deal blast damage.

Retreat #

Fleeing a dire situation requires a successful DEX save and a safe destination.

Scars #

An attack reducing your Grit to exactly 0 uniquely impacts you, often irrevocably. Reference the damage taken on the table below:

Scars Table #
Result Dmg
Scarred: Roll d6, 1: Neck, 2: Hands, 3: Eye, 4: Chest, 5: Legs, 6: Ear. Roll d6. If it exceeds your max Grit, take the new result. 1
Rattled: You’re disoriented and shaken. Describe re-focusing. Roll d6. If the total is higher than your max Grit, take the new result. 2
Concussed: Deprived until you rest a few hours. Then, roll d6 and add it to your max Grit. 3
Broken: You take a spill and break something. Roll d6 | 1-2: Leg, 3-4: Arm, 5: Rib, 6: Skull. Lose d4 DEX. Recovery requires extended rest and healing. Once mended, roll 2d6. If higher than your max Grit, take the new result. 4
Bloodied: You’ve lost a lot of blood. Lose d4 STR. After extended resting and healing, roll 2d6. If the total is higher than your max Grit, take the new result. 5
Touched: You glimpse a vision of another world, another time. Learn the nearest slip door’s location. 6
Beckoned: Someone reaches out from another world, visiting your dreams. Resting no longer clears Fatigue and you must Quest to locate them. 7
Forewarned: You see a vision of your death. Make a HRT save. If successful, gain 1d4 max HRT. 8
Fractured: You’re flooded with memories from another life. Make a HRT save or undertake a ritual to align these realities within a month or go mad. 9
Maimed: An eye or limb is severed, destroyed, or rendered useless (Warden’s choice). Then, with a successful HRT save, gain d6 max HRT. 10
Haunted: You glimpse the clearing at the end of the path. A cloaked figure stares back, walking slowly towards you. Roll a HRT save against the figure haunting you; a ritual is required to confront and dispel this apparition. 11
Doomed: You near the clearing at the end of the path, but survive… somehow. If you fail your next critical damage save, you die. Otherwise, the experience imparts a greater understanding of your Quest. 12

Combat Example #

Rebecca (Amy) and Gred (Ralph) enter the deserted village, guns drawn (six shooter [Rebecca] and scattergun [Gred] respectively).

Amy: Rebecca scans the left side of the street for any movement.

Ralph: And Gred watches the right.

Warden: A thug pops out on the left, dagger raised to throw, but you alertly clock him.

Amy: I fire! (Rolls 2d6 on the Shoot table getting 10: a miss!)

Warden: Bad luck! 5 shots left. (Amy changes her d6 ammo counter to 5.)

Warden: The thug throws the dagger at Rebecca.

The warden rolls d6 for damage (5) But Rebecca’s waxed cotton duster (1 DEF) reduces it to 4. Rebecca reduces her Grit (-4), leaving 2.

Amy: Ouch! I clear my mind, slow my breathing, focus and fire again. (Rolls 2d6 for 7: a grazing hit, doing diminished damage for 2.)

Warden: OK, there’s a round in his shoulder but he’s still coming. Gred, another two pop out on the right.

Ralph: I grit my teeth and fire! (Rolls and gets 5: a solid hit. As he only gets 2 shots before reloading, he flips a token.)

Warden: Nice shot! You hit both!

Gred’s scattergun does blast damage so Ralph rolls damage for each thug. Two 7s! Both have 6 Grit, taking it under 0 and carrying over into STR, reducing it to 9.

Warden: Both are staggered from the force and pretty badly hurt. (For both thugs, rolls a d20 for a critical damage save aiming for 9 or under [their current STR]. The first [6] succeeds and remains standing. The other [10], fails.)

Warden: The first thug grits his teeth in pain but still stands. The second collapses, dead.

Ralph: Yes!

Warden: The remaining thug, seeing his friend die, feels fear run up his spine. (Rolls the thug’s morale check with disadvantage as they are a coward. The Warden rolls [6, 19] on the HRT save and takes the higher roll, a failure as the thug’s HRT is only 8.)

Warden: His courage breaks and he flees screaming.

Amy: Yes, nice one, Gred!

Warden: A figure in a long duster steps from the shadows, black hat pulled low, hand on a revolver on their belt. They tip their hat, sneering.

Amy: Malachai! Finally decided to crawl out of that hole?

Warden: The figure smiles and says, “The clearing awaits Rebecca. Soon you’ll join your beloved there.”

Amy: Rebecca drops a hand to her six shooter and screams “Fill your hand, you sonuvabitch!”

The warden prepares for a gunslinger duel between Rebecca and Malachai; both sides make a HRT save.

Amy rolls a d20 and gets 10, a success against her 13 HRT.

Amy: Yes!

The warden rolls for Malachai and gets 14, a failure against their 10 HRT. Rebecca wins, drawing first.

Warden: Quick as lightning, you pull your six shooter and blast a hole in Malachai filling the town with the sound of thunder.

Amy deals 5 damage.

Warden: Since it’s a duel, this damage hits Malachai’s STR directly and triggers critical damage.

Malachai’s STR is reduced to 7 (12-5). The warden rolls a d20 for the critical damage save, and rolls a 12, failure!

Warden: Malachai clutches the gaping hole in their chest and collapses, dead.

Amy: Rebecca doffs her hat and nods to the smoking corpse. “You have forgotten the face of your elder, Malachai.”

Ralph: Let’s rest up for a moment. Rebecca looks pretty winded.

(Amy nods.)

Warden: Now that the fight’s over, you have a breather, collect yourselves, and sip from your canteens, restoring Grit.

Amy updates her sheet and changes her ammo d6 to 4.

Ralph: Let’s keep going!

Wilderness Exploration #

Survival #

The lands of the Drifted World are treacherous and unpredictable, veering from bleached desert to frozen mountain.

You must rest and consume rations (food and water) during standard exploration, but when wandering the Drifted World, extreme conditions take particular toll on an unprepared gunslinger.

In extreme heat, ration use is doubled as you require more water.

In extreme cold, unless wearing warm clothing or resting within a warm shelter (such as a tent), Fatigue cost is doubled.

Hex Crawling #

  • Each hex represents 6 miles
  • An adventuring day is 6 phases, split into 4 hour chunks
  • 2 phases (8 hours) must be spent sleeping in order to avoid deprivation

Phases follow this sequence:

  1. Action: Choose exploration action
  2. Event Roll: The Warden rolls the event die
  3. Resolution: Resolve action and event rolls
Exploration Actions #

The party chooses one of the following each phase:

  1. Travel: Traverse hex and into an adjacent one.
    • On roads, 2 hexes (3 if mounted)
    • Off-road, 1 hex (roll d6: lost on 5-6; in difficult terrain, lost on 4-6 unless hunter in order)
    • If lost, players must spend the next phase “searching” to reorient; roll d6, assigning a number to each current hex side; move 1 hex in that direction
  2. Explore: Look for interesting hex features.
    • Discover the hex’s main location (roll d6: 1-4)
    • Difficult terrain reduces this to 1-3, unless hunter in Order
  3. Search: Locate something previously encountered in a hex
    • Roll d6: 1-5; difficult terrain 1-4, unless hunter, sorcerer, or stranger in order
  4. Interact: Stay in current location (ie. exploring dungeon, town, etc.)
  5. Camp: Rest and/or sleep
  6. Forage: Hunt, fish or forage for food
    • Roll d6: 1-3; hunter, sorcerer, or stranger in order increases to 1-4
Event Roll #

The Warden rolls d6 and consults the location-appropriate table.

Encounter: Roll on encounter table

Sign: Clue, spoor, or indication of nearby encounter, locality, hidden feature, or information about a nearby hex

Locality: Shifts in weather, terrain, or other local changes

Expiration: Exhaustion (camp next phase or +1 Fatigue), hunger (eat ration or +1 Fatigue), or expend another resource

  • Extreme conditions increases Fatigue to +2

Discovery: Discover something useful (food, treasure, or other resources)

Hidden feature: Discover the hex’s main feature or choose/roll unique hex feature (ie. small dungeons, secret areas, factions, etc.)

Wilderness Encounters Table #
Terrain or Location d6
Bleached desert 1
Windshorn mountain 2
Gnarled wildwood 3
Irradiated sprawl 4
Forsaken hamlet 5
Consumed station 6
d6 Bleached desert
1 Lone, sun-scorched traveller in tattered clothing
2 Cracked ground collapses, revealing a shallow mass grave
3 Long-abandoned way station, ancient tram crumbling to rust
4 Broken sands shift as a giant barbed worm bursts forth(kulworm)
5 Whispers from the dark; a vampire sleeps in a cave beneath the sand
6 A starving mule staggers across broken sand, rider slumped over the saddle
d6 Windshorn mountain
1 Pair of locals dug into a reinforced foxhole with visibility across the mountain
2 A circle of standing stones, imbued with a banshee’s touch
3 Half-crazed, emaciated, blood-drenched traveller carrying a severed leg
4 A monstrous beast’s ear-splitting roar echoes across the mountain
5 Survivors holed up in a ruined communications outpost
6 A roost of the Wayward Third, bones strewn on jagged path to barren cave
d6 Gnarled wildwood
1 Broken-down wooden vardo caravan, rooted by wild growths, with a light burning in the window
2 Beasts of the woods gather fruit and meat in offering to a gnarled tree vibrating at high frequencies
3 Soothing, calm voice calls out from a deep pit’s bottom
4 Crude, worn stone altar scattered with a circle of broken skeletal remains
5 Eerie violet light spills from a misshapen tree’s core which burns exposed skin
6 Hideous broken deer with 8 spiked legs scuttles from dense brush (spideer)
d6 Irradiated sprawl
1 Hive of dormant meatkids stacked in bizarre formations
2 Giant spider with a child’s face skitters across rooftops
3 Parade of mutants in shredded and stained theme park mascot costumes
4 Travellers decaying remains, faces grotesquely contorted in hideous rictus
5 Lone child in clean white clothing, head shaved and floating 6’ off the ground
6 Greykin leading a clutch of thugs retelling ghost stories around a campfire
d6 Forsaken hamlet
1 Mutated cows drink from corrupted pond teeming with lobstrosts
2 Demon in a man’s skin worshipped by desperate residents
3 Villagers besieged by marauding greykin led by a harrier
4 Gouts of fire spew as a grinding, rust-riven oil derrick burns endlessly
5 Pack of bestials chop irregular meat hanging from rusted hooks
6 Screams from a crumbling shack woven with howls of bone-chilling laughter
d6 Consumed station
1 Grotesque dog-squid amalgam’s charred remains, clawed tentacles reaching
2 Glass-eyed sentry robot patrols erratically, trailing infested fluid (serfbot)
3 Reinforced walls bulge containing uncontrollably expanding enormous, pulsating pink flesh sacks
4 Broken and mangled form hangs suspended from the ceiling, crackling wires leading from weeping electrodes
5 Twisted figure lies dormant in observation module, barbed demonic form fused to their chest like a parasitic twin
6 Knowledge centre and voice modulator hurls insults from an advanced transport system’s psychotic AI

Other Worlds #

Traversing #

The Drifted World endures on fringes of the known realms, though links and portals between existing worlds persist, such as slip doors and magical gateways.

Slip doors #

Free-standing doorways leading to other worlds, times, or places in the Drifted World. Like much in the Drifted World, their true origin was lost when the world moved on, but the wise folk believe they’re an arcane amalgam of science and magic.

When closed, most appear like mundane wooden doors constructed from rarer materials like rosewood or ironwood. Typically, an (often cryptic or obscured) engraving or carving indicates where it leads.

When open, allow passage from either side but most are one-way and disappear once closed at the destination.

Thanks to their magic imbued artefact guns, Gunslingers can see and open slip doors which are invisible to most.

Magical gateways #

Unlike fairly stable and consistent slip doors, the Drifted World’s magical gateways are dangerous and unpredictable, often activated by ritual.

Being imbued with old magic, they often house spirits or demons.

Hazards #

Chaos Slip #

A tear in the Drifted World’s fabric, bleeding into a realm beyond reality. Operate on Slip Doors’ principles but several orders of magnitude more dangerous and chaotic.

Emitting ear-shattering shrieks that repel and attract those close enough to hear them: STR save against temporarily hearing loss and HRT save against moving closer.

Hideous black tentacles burst forth, to envelop then dismember any creature standing within a Chaos Slip’s short range.

The Eater Outside #

Something slithers through the spaces between worlds, consuming and growing, out of focus of mundane existence: the Eater Outside, a colossal entity incrementally eroding structures of reality. The wise folk say one day the Eater will topple the wheel, sending all worlds spinning into the void.

The Eater Outside rarely discerns individual life, though certain activities (ie. a ritual’s catastrophic failure) can draw its unprecedented and obliterative attention.

Travelling outside the Drifted World:

  • Artefact guns maintain their special properties in other worlds
  • Lead is even rarer but certain worlds contain suitable alternative ammunition
  • A Revalc Box is useful for gunslingers, converting gold (gp) into Lead

Travelling into the Drifted World:

  • Magic behaves unpredictably, often with disastrous results (see Lost Magic table)
  • Gold coins have little value in smaller settlements but great value in cities

Organised and written magic in spellbooks no longer exists. In The Drifted World, magic is an obscure, largely lost discipline and there are places of great energies spread across worlds known and unknown.

Magic #

Lost Magic #

Other world’s magic operates unpredictably in The Drifted World, often disastrously or monstrously. Some spirits or demons feed on and seek this magic.

When casting another world’s magic in the Drifted World roll on the Lost Magic table.

Lost Magic Table #
Result 2d6
Success 2-3
Mostly succeeds with unintended effect 4-6
Fails 7-9
Fails with unintended effect 10-11
A chaos slip is torn open 12

Unintended effects depend on the spell’s nature and caster’s intent, including:

  • Reversed intent
  • Magnified impact (range, number of targets, damage)
  • Spell reflected
  • Summoned demon or spirit

Relics #

Extremely rare items retaining power beyond current understanding, whether magical or technological. Generally with limited use and a recharge condition; use does not cause Fatigue. For example:

Eye of Woden, 1 charge. Crystalline orb with a brilliant red flaw. Glimpses into a chosen world. Recharge: Bathe it in a god’s tears.

Grow Bag, 3 charges. Simple worn leather bag with a polished stone closure, whose depths can manifest a shining gold coin. Recharge: Grant succour to someone in need without desire for reward.

Revalc Box, 1 use daily. Small, unadorned ironwood box with a brass latch. Converts 19 gp into 1 Lead.

Rituals #

Most Drifted World magic is performed through rituals, ceremonies and incantations whispered from one dark practitioner to another, broken and twisted through repetition, true meanings and origins lost.

No two rituals are identical but all represent a tangible threat to those in proximity.

Rituals require a suitable location, steeped in old magic or significance, such as standing stones, graveyards, temples, or churches.

There are (normally) four ritual components: Intent, Cost, Result, and Aftermath.

Intent. What is the desired outcome?

  • Cleanse the body or spirit
  • Speak with the dead
  • Consult an oracle
  • Reach across worlds

The more complex the intent, the higher the cost and the more difficult the ritual.

Cost. What is the outcome’s price? What is exchanged, manifesting your intent? This can be physical, spiritual, or metaphorical, including:

  • A drop of blood
  • A burned offering
  • A painful secret, long locked away
  • A piece of your soul

Result. What is the outcome’s shape? Was the attempt successful?

The Gunslinger undertaking the Ritual pays the cost and seeks inside themselves for the outcome. HRT save to initiate the ritual.

On success, roll 3d6 on the Rituals table. Failure: temporary loss of d6 HRT but the cost is not collected.

As with everything, fellowship’s bonds strengthen an Order. If undertaking a ritual as a group, the HRT save has advantage. Success: roll 3d6 on the Rituals table. Failure threatens the Order’s fellowship (see Breaking the Order).

For an especially complex or difficult intention, roll with +2 on the Rituals table (+4 if nearly impossible).

Rituals Table #
Result 3d6
Favour and boon; the Great Turtle smiles upon you 3
Favour 4-6
Favour with complication 7-9
Complication 10-11
Sorrow 12-14
Sorrow with complication 15-17
You draw the Eater Outside’s ire; critical damage save or be torn from this world 18

Favour is largely positive, representing a successful ritual. Sorrow is largely negative, representing a failed ritual. A complication adds an extra obstacle or development.

The ritual’s intent influences the favour or sorrow’s form. For instance, if seeking to confront an apparition haunting you, favour makes peace with it and sorrow could increase its aggression or drag it into your world.

Aftermath. How are those involved changed? Whose attention is drawn, in this world or others? How has the ritual impacted the Order’s fellowship?

The Gunslinger’s call transcends humanity. Other beings may join your Order and aid in your quest, including rare beasts whose Gunslinger nature is immediately recognisable.

A beast companion bonds to one Order member, forging a lifelong friendship and empathic link.

Beast Companions #

Training #

Newly-bonded beast companions are still wild, though Gunslingers at heart. Their bonded Gunslinger may train them to strengthen the bond and improve combat effectiveness.

Training requires a week’s daily practice. Afterwards, the Gunslinger makes a HRT save to see if the training took. Easily trained beasts grant advantage on the save.

Combat #

Trained beast companions gain the following benefits:

  • +1d6 Grit
  • Attack any target on command
  • Advantage on Morale saves

Untrained companions only attack their bonded Gunslinger’s target and make a Morale check at 0 Grit.

Death #

As with any Order member, a beast companion’s death tests the Order’s fellowship. Even if the Errant weathers the hardship, the bonded Gunslinger feels their loss acutely. HRT save or forever lose d4 HRT from heartbreak.

Types of Beast Companions #


3 Grit, 8 STR, 12 DEX, 14 HRT, claws (d4)

  • Tough, squat, tenacious dog-raccoon hybrid; attuned to detect agents of chaos
  • Easily trained


3 Grit, 8 STR, 8 DEX, 12 HRT, bite (d4)

  • Fiercely loyal and dependable. larger breeds +d4 STR, smaller +d4 DEX
  • Easily trained


2 Grit, 8 STR, 12 DEX, 10 HRT, claws (d4)

  • Natural killer, not to be underestimated; clever and agile
  • Difficult to train


2 Grit, 8 STR, 15 DEX, 8 HRT, talons (d4)

  • Said to be God’s gunslinger; ferocious and deadly but fragile with excellent sight
  • Difficult to train


2 Grit, 8 STR, 14 DEX, 8 HRT, bite (d4)

  • Incredibly agile and poison-resistant
  • Difficult to train


4 Grit, 10 STR, 10 DEX, 9 HRT, bite (d6)

  • Slow to bond but a natural killer
  • Difficult to train

Solo Play #

Introduction #

Solo play consists of one player acting as both Warden and Gunslinger.

At moments of choice or conflict, when the Warden would normally facilitate the outcome, consider consulting the provided Oracle (or substitute tarot cards, system from another TTRPG, a mobile app, etc.)

The below tables offer a way to interpret random rolls and Major Arcana tarot cards to determine a choice or action’s consequences.

Journalling #

Chronicle your journey in a journal or diary. Be as brief or descriptive as you like—this is your Gunslinger’s tale whose full details are lost in shifting time and space.

Favour or Sorrow #

If an outcome is unclear, query the Oracle. For a simple “yes or no” (“Does the outlaw see me?”) or straight-forward check (“Can I convince the seer to help me?”), roll 2d6 on the Favour or Sorrow table.

Favour is broadly positive, sorrow is broadly negative. A complication adds an extra obstacle or development to the outcome.

For instance, you convince the seer to help you but they demand one of your rations in exchange.

Favour or Sorrow Table #
Result 2d6
Favour 2
Favour with complication 3-6
Complication 7
Sorrow 8-11
Sorrow with complication 12

Reading the Cards #

For more complicated questions, or for more nuanced interactions, consult the cards.

First, gather your will and determine your focus. Narrow it to a singular emotion and concentrate on the Major Arcana’s 22 cards. One card name reveals itself.

Roll d10 on the Focus table and d8 on the Emotion table, before manifesting your Card: roll a d20 on the Major Arcana table or draw from a tarot deck.

Reflect upon the resulting phrase and turn it over in your mind. Focus your emotion on the name of the card. Your answer soon takes shape.

Focus d10 Emotion d8
Observe 1 Wondrous 1
Aim 2 Hopeful 2
Craft 3 Contemplative 3
Greet 4 Melancholy 4
Shoot 5 Crestfallen 5
Traverse 6 Forlorn 6
Kill 7 Wrathful 7
Mediate 8 Bleak 8
Grieve 9    
Protect 10    

For instance, Amy wants to investigate a decaying colossus staggering around crumbling ruins. She rolls 3 dice: d10 for Focus (4: Greet), d8 for Emotion (5: Crestfallen), and d20 for Arcana (12: Death).

This gives her Greet Crestfallen Death. She interprets this as a sign to avoid the colossus as it would surely lead to her demise.

Major Arcana d20
The Fool 1
The Magician / High Priestess 2
The Empress / Emperor 3
The Hierophant 4
The Lovers 5
The Chariot 6
Strength 7
The Hermit 8
Wheel of Fortune 9
Justice 10
The Hanged Man 11
Death 12
Temperance 13
The Devil 14
The Tower 15
The Star 16
The Moon 17
The Sun 18
Judgement 19
The World 20

Appendices #

Appendix I: Bestiary #


7 Grit, 2 DEF, 16 STR, 8 DEX, 8 HRT, bite (d8)

  • Huge insectoid with multiple legs and shiny black eyes
  • Ambushes from just beneath the surface
  • Sprays acid (medium range, d10)

Banshee 8 Grit, 3 DEF, 6 STR, 12 DEX, 15 HRT, ghostly touch (d8)

  • Incorporeal spirit lingers after death to haunt the living
  • Immune to mundane weapons
  • Keen: Releases a piercing death shriek, all in short range make a critical damage save

Bear 6 Grit, 14 STR, 6 DEX, 8 HRT, claw (d6+d6 blast), bite (d8)

  • Aggressive, 9’ tall reddish-brown bear lives in mountains
  • Frequently sleeping
  • Critical damage: Crushes victims (d8)

Bestial 8 Grit, 1 DEF, 12 STR, 10 DEX, 10 HRT, sabre (d8), bite (d6)

  • Humanoid body, bestial head (vulture, rat, coyote); mid-ranking servant of chaos
  • Sharp and cunning; utilises greykin as their eyes, ears, and muscle
  • Bite carries rot and infection (STR save vs deprivation)

Coyote 2 Grit, 6 STR, 12 DEX, 6 HRT, bite (d4)

  • Larger and thinner than most dogs with coarse light fur
  • Moves in pairs or packs, preying on solitary targets
  • 1-in-6 chance of their bite inflicting rot (STR save vs deprivation)

Devil Swine 9 Grit, 16 STR, 8 DEX, 6 HRT, gore (d6+d6)

  • Corpulent human who changes into a massive boar. Lurks in isolated settlements, hunting people for sustenance
  • Only changes shape at night; hunts in the dark, surprising victims
  • Critical damage: Target is cursed (transformed into a devil swine upon smelling fresh blood unless purged by ritual)

Ghost 10 Grit, 6 STR, 8 DEX, 14 HRT, draining touch (d6)

  • Incorporeal spirit of the restless dead
  • Can possess (HRT save vs loss of bodily control)
  • Immune to mundane weapons
  • Critical damage: Drains life force (d6 STR)

Greykin 6 Grit, 1 DEF, 10 STR, 9 DEX, 8 HRT, dagger or club (d6)

  • Passes for human from afar but warped skin doesn’t fit its skull properly
  • Chaos’ low-ranking agent which infiltrates communities, spying and sowing discord
  • Flees when confronted, fighting if cornered

Harrier 8 Grit, 1 DEF, 13 STR, 8 DEX, 10 HRT, revolver (d6)

  • Failed Gunslinger driven from their Order and stripped of their artefact gun, dangerous and unpredictable
  • Won’t hesitate to back-shoot, stopping at nothing to possess artefact guns
  • Though disgraced, a deadly killer with a gunslinger’s instinct (rolls on the Shoot table)

Hawk, Giant 4 Grit, 14 STR, 14 DEX, 8 HRT, talons or beak (d6)

  • Predatory bird, the size of a big dog. Hunts similarly sized animals, attacks humans if hungry
  • Surprises their victims by diving to attack from a great height
  • Can carry away similarly-sized creatures

Hitchhiker 10 Grit, 12 STR, 10 DEX, 8 HRT, claws (d6), leech

  • Incorporeal and translucent floating spectral figure with hideous claws and yearning teeth
  • Gathers in places of power, drawn by suffering and despair
  • Leech: Affixes itself to the target’s soul (daily HRT save or lose 1 STR until purged by ritual)
  • Critical damage: Draining a target to 0 STR transforms them into a hitchhiker

Jack-o-rab 10 Grit, 8 STR, 16 DEX, 12 HRT, antlers (d6), gaze

  • Jackrabbit with enormous black antlers, pitch-black fur, and glowing red eyes
  • Extremely nimble and perfectly mimics human vocalisation to lure unsuspecting victims
  • Gaze: Transfix with piercing eyes (HRT save or lose all memories)
  • Critical damage: black moss grows on the target’s skin until cleansed by ritual

Kulworm 18 Grit, 1 DEF, 18 STR, 8 DEX, 6 HRT, bite (d10+d10) or poison sting (d8), Detachment

  • Gargantuan worm with writhing, river-sized body
  • Tunnels underground, surfacing only to eat other creatures. Found in deserts and drylands
  • Critical damage: Swallows the target, STR save to escape or take d12 acid damage/round

Lizard, Giant 3 Grit, 10 STR, 12 DEX, 8 HRT, bite (d8), acid spray

  • 5’ long, carnivorous, nocturnal lizard with blue and orange markings
  • Climbs sheer surfaces and drops on victims
  • Acid spray: Spews caustic stream (d8, blast, short) that covers armour; remove to purge

Lobstrost 6 Grit, 2 DEF, 12 STR, 10 DEX, 4 HRT, claws (d6+d6)

  • Squat, heavily armoured crustacean with enormous elongated pincers
  • Chitters when emerging from the sea, with sharp, inquisitive chirps
  • Claw is poisonous (STR save to avoid)

Mayhem Beast 16 Grit, 16 STR, 16 DEX, 16 HRT, mind slice (d8+d8 blast), gloom (d8 HRT)

  • Incorporeal, humanoid shadow, absorbs all light save for a luminous white face
  • Feeds on hope and desire
  • Immune to mundane weapons
  • Gloom: Syphon hope and desire (short range, d8 HRT)
  • Critical damage: HRT save or fade into shadow

Mantis, Giant 10 Grit, 1 DEF, 10 STR, 14 DEX, 12 HRT, claws (d6+d6)

  • Jungle-dwelling 12’ long insect with clawed forelimbs and slicing mandibles.
  • Ambushes prey, camouflaged by green colourings
  • Avoids obviously stronger foes
  • Critical damage: Clutch in their claws (d6 STR bite every turn); STR save to escape

Meatkid 2 Grit, 6 STR, 12 DEX, 6 HRT, bite (d6+d6 blast)

  • Squat, child-sized robot with enormous teeth and no eyes
  • Swarms unsuspecting prey, devouring them in minutes
  • 6+ count as a Detachment (STR 12)
  • When moving, all gun attacks are diminished

Medusa 4 Grit, 12 STR, 12 DEX, 16 HRT, snake bites (d6) or gaze (save)

  • Ferocious humanoid demon with serpentine hair
  • Gaze: Those looking directly at the medusa’s face roll a HRT save vs petrification. Averting eyes prevents this but diminishes damage
  • Critical damage: The snakes’ toxins are paralytic (d6 DEX)

Mutant 8 Grit, 8 STR, 6 DEX, 6 HRT, claw (d4)

  • Slow humanoid with misshapen limbs and grey skin
  • Low-light vision allows them to creep upon unsuspecting prey before pulling them into darkness
  • Repelled by light and fire

Scorpion, Giant 4 Grit, 2 DEF, 12 STR, 12 DEX, 8 HRT, claws (d6+d6) or sting (d8)

  • Huge (horse-sized) arachnid found in dry-lands and caverns. Highly aggressive, attacking on sight
  • Immobilises victims with their claws before stinging
  • Critical damage: STR save or succumb to the sting’s poison

Serfbot 4 Grit, 1 DEF, 14 STR, 6 DEX, 3 HRT, fist (d6)

  • Vaguely-humanoid robot servant whose shining metal has greyed
  • Broken down programming and circuitry has rendered it erratic and dangerous
  • Feels no pity, remorse, or fear. Morale never breaks

Shambler 2 Grit, 14 STR, 6 DEX, 3 HRT, axe (d8)

  • Slow, mindless humanoid corpse, reanimated as guardians by spirits or demons
  • Mindlessly attacks anything approaching
  • Immune to mind altering effects

Skinshift 10 Grit, 1 DEF, 10 STR, 12 DEX, 12 HRT, dagger (d6)

  • Capable of assuming any form; true form is grey and featureless
  • Stalks, opportunistically kills, and replaces prey
  • Appears as a trusted friend: first dagger attack directly damages STR, triggering a critical damage save

Snake, Pit 3 Grit, 10 STR, 12 DEX, 8 HRT, bite (d4)

  • 5’ long with dim scales, found in caves and other dark places
  • Senses its victims by body heat
  • Bite is poisonous (STR save to avoid)

Spideer 8 Grit, 12 STR, 10 DEX, 4 HRT, antlers (d8), charge (d6+d6 blast)

  • Imposing deer with eight spidery legs and jagged, sprawling antlers
  • Kills and devours anything (including other spideer)
  • Critical damage: DEX save vs trampling (d12)

Spider, Giant 14 Grit, 1 DEF, 15 STR, 12 DEX, 8 HRT, bite (d8), claw (d4)

  • Bloated, covered in oozing ulcers, spiky-haired spindly limbs
  • Compresses bulk, hiding in unexpected places
  • Poisonous bite (STR save to avoid)

Spider, Giant Aquatic 9 Grit, 8 STR, 12 DEX, 6 HRT, bite (d6)

  • 4’ freshwater-dwelling spider, builds air-filled nests in aquatic vegetation for devouring prey
  • Ambushes from just below the surface
  • Critical damage: Paralytic toxin (d8 DEX damage)

Squeeb 4 Grit, 6 STR, 12 DEX, 4 HRT, claws (d4+d4), sting (d6)

  • Flying scorpion with bulbous green eyes
  • Roam deserts in packs, swarming unsuspecting prey
  • 6+ count as a Detachment (STR 14)
  • Poisonous sting (STR save to avoid)

Thug 6 Grit, 9 STR, 8 DEX, 6 HRT, cudgel (d6)

  • Dim-witted and gullible servants of the toughest scum available whose numbers overcome their individual ineffectiveness
  • Callow (disadvantage on Morale)

Ursborg 14 Grit, 3 DEF, 18 STR, 6 DEX, 4 HRT, claw (d10 blast), bite (d12)

  • Hulking cybernetic bear, reinforced with heavy armour and razor-sharp claws
  • Once deployed to protect strategic outposts, their programming is long scrambled
  • Resilient: Advantage on critical damage saves
  • Critical damage: Bite severs a limb

Vampire, Drifted 17 Grit, 12 STR, 14 DEX, 16 HRT, bite (d10)

  • Lank and slender, hairless with blood-red skin and piercing eyes
  • Rare but staggeringly dangerous; prowls at night, drawn by blood’s scent on the wind
  • Immune to mundane weapons
  • Regeneration: regains 3 Grit as each round starts
  • Critical damage: Life drain (d12 HRT)

Wayward Third, The 16 Grit, 12 STR, 14 DEX, 12 HRT, leech (d6)

  • Vaguely feminine shape, features warp between a maiden, mother, and crone
  • Cave-dweller who feeds on power drifting from nearby slip doors
  • Immune to mundane weapons
  • Critical damage: feed on target’s soul (+d8 Grit)

Werewolf 4 Grit, 12 STR, 14 DEX, 12 HRT, claws (d4+d4) or bite (d6)

  • Horrific bipedal wolf-human hybrid
  • Semi-intelligent, ferocious hunter, sometimes hunts in packs with regular wolves
  • Critical damage: Werewolf curse, target transforms unless purged by ritual before the next full moon

White worm 12 Grit, 2 DEF, 13 STR, 10 DEX, 4 HRT, bite (d8), constrict

  • Enormous, with sickly pallid skin and a gaping maw
  • Dwells in the cold and dark; blind, hunts by smell and sound
  • Constrict: until target escapes (STR save) d4 STR damage every round

Wildcat 4 Grit, 11 STR, 14 DEX, 7 HRT, bite (d8)

  • Large, dark-furred forest and plans-dwelling cat
  • Hunts medium or small game using their speed advantage
  • Always chase fleeing prey

Wolf 4 Grit, 10 STR, 10 DEX, 9 HRT, bite (d6)

  • Powerful canine with dense black or grey fur and sharp yellow eyes
  • Dwells primarily in wildlands, occasionally lairing in caves
  • In packs (4+) have 15 WIL for morale checks

Zebra Beetle 2 Grit, 1 DEF, 6 STR, 12 DEX, 6 HRT, bite (d6)

  • 4’ long striped beetle with powerful mandibles
  • Eats small game but sometimes hunts humanssz

Creating Monsters #

Use the following template for modelling any sophisticated Monster or NPC:


X Grit, X DEF, X STR, X DEX, X HRT, Weapon (dX, special items, qualities)

Engaging descriptor

Unique quirk, tactic, or peculiarity

Special effect or critical damage consequence

General Principles. Ability Scores: 3 is deficient, 6 is weak, 10 is average, 14 is noteworthy, and 18 is legendary.

  • Use flavour and style to help adversaries stand out. Players remember a porcine humanoid seeking missing sheep more easily than a generic goblin archer
  • Use critical damage to lean into an aggressive NPC’s threat or strangeness
  • Remember: Grit is damage avoidance, measuring resilience, luck, and gumption—not health

Converting OSR Games #

  • Generally: 1 Grit per HD for creatures
  • Humanoids generally have less than 4 Grit

Some pointers:

  • Is it good at avoiding damage? Give it Grit
  • Does it soak damage? Give it DEF
  • Is it strong? Give it a high STR
  • Is it nimble? Give it high DEX
  • Is it charismatic? Give it high HRT

Damage dice are roughly equivalent (armed attacks do 1d6 damage, minimum).

Appendix II: Converting Adventures #

Given the Drifted World’s interconnected nature, gunslingers may adventure across vastly different worlds.

Wardens may choose to run adventures from other settings or even genres.

General Guidelines #

  • Only guns fired by Gunslingers (and others rolling on the Shoot table) bypass defence
  • Treat firearms fired by non-gunslingers as melee weapons (roll only damage)
  • Gunslingers have higher Grit than most adventurers and their guns are more powerful than mundane weapons. Consider tweaking the challenge to best fit the group

Conversion Guides #

Cairn/Into the Odd adventures:

  • HP → Grit
  • Will → Heart
  • Armour → Defence

Runecairn adventures:

  • Resilience → Grit
  • Average WIT and SPI (round up) → Heart
  • Gunslingers exist outside the skein and cannot interact with bonfires or benefit from Iðunn’s mead
  • Enemies still drop Souls which heal d4 ability damage for Gunslingers
  • Soul remnants can be used in rituals or broken for the same benefit as Souls

Appendix III: Gunslinger Tables #

First Names #

d100 First Name
1 Agnes
2 Albert
3 Alexander
4 Allen
5 Almoth
6 Amanda
7 America
8 Andre
9 Andrew
10 Angerona
11 Annie
12 Antone
13 Augusa
14 August
15 Benj
16 Benjamin
17 Benton
18 Bernard
19 Bertha
20 Berthold
21 Bessie
22 Catherine
23 Celeste
24 Charisma
25 Charles
26 Christina
27 Cora
28 Daniel
29 Dora
30 Dortha
31 Eddie
32 Edwin
33 Eleanor
34 Emil
35 Eugene
36 Frances
37 Frank
38 Fritz
39 Genevia
40 Gred
41 Hannah
42 Hanora
43 Herman
44 Hugh
45 Hunter
46 Ida
47 Isaac
48 Jake
49 Jane
50 Julius
51 Katie
52 Langdon
53 Levestus
54 Lizzie
55 Lora
56 Louis
57 Louise
58 Lugar
59 Lyda
60 Maggie
61 Martin
62 Matilda
63 Maud
64 Mena
65 Mira
66 Morris
67 Nancy
68 Nannie
69 Nottlie
70 Orson
71 Oswald
72 Peter
73 Phillip
74 Phoeba
75 Rachel
76 Rebecca
77 Rich
78 Richard
79 Robert
80 Roland
81 Roda
82 Rosa
83 Ruth
84 Sally
85 Samantha
86 Samuel
87 Severn
88 Shompine
89 Sieg
90 Stephen
91 Susan
92 Susannah
93 Tamar
94 Theresa
95 Toby
96 Tusta
97 Victoria
98 William
99 Willie
100 Winnie

Surnames #

d100 Surname
1 Ahlborn
2 Albers
3 Anderson
4 Baunaf
5 Bershini
6 Bien
7 Bresnahan
8 Brown
9 Bruir
10 Bungh
11 Cahill
12 Callahan
13 Chambers
14 Conely
15 Cook
16 Craven
17 Daffern
18 Davis
19 Dean
20 Denning
21 Deschain
22 Downey
23 Droste
24 Dryer
25 Eicherman
26 Elly
27 Evert
28 Fisher
29 Flint
30 Flower
31 Fluchel
32 Fulkos
33 Geitz
34 Goodall
35 Hampsted
36 Harrison
37 Heides
38 Heines
39 Heinkel
40 Henry
41 Holmes
42 Hondoff
43 Humes
44 Hunter
45 Jefeat
46 Jones
47 Keath
48 Kehaler
49 Kemeny
50 Kenny
51 Kinker
52 Kruse
53 Kruul
54 Lancaster
55 Legler
56 Lewis
57 Litzinger
58 Lubering
59 LuGafs
60 Lynch
61 Maher
62 Martin
63 Maxfield
64 McCarty
65 McCormac
66 McDonald
67 McKenzie
68 McSweeney
69 Meier
70 Meyer
71 Mitchell
72 Parry
73 Pitts
74 Powells
75 Ragan
76 Rhode
77 Richard
78 Rickhardt
79 Robinson
80 Rohaugh
81 Ryan
82 Sexton
83 Smith
84 Sohriss
85 St. Anna
86 Steinroder
87 Stephens
88 Stigerwald
89 Swable
90 Thomas
91 Tice
92 Uding
93 Vaden
94 Vitery
95 Walsh
96 Weise
97 White
98 Wilkerson
99 Wingart
100 Wyatt

Traits #

Background #
d10 Background
1 Sorcerer
2 High-born
3 Preacher
4 Stranger
5 Hunter
6 Outlaw
7 Killer
8 Bandit
9 Drifter
10 Grunt
Physique #
d10 Physique
1 Lithe
2 Brawny
3 Diminutive
4 Lanky
5 Rugged
6 Slim
7 Short
8 Imposing
9 Stout
10 Towering
Skin #
d10 Skin
1 Birthmarked
2 Drawn
3 Craggy
4 Pockmarked
5 Rosy
6 Rough
7 Smooth
8 Freckled
9 Scarred
10 Weathered
Hair #
d10 Hair
1 Shaved
2 Braided
3 Curly
4 Matted
5 Frizzy
6 Flowing
7 Luxurious
8 Oily
9 Wavy
10 Wispy
Face #
d10 Face
1 Bony
2 Damaged
3 Chiselled
4 Elongated
5 Pale
6 Delicate
7 Fierce
8 Sharp
9 Square
10 Sunken
Eyes #
d10 Eyes
1 Piercing
2 Distant
3 Sunken
4 Melancholy
5 Alert
6 Wary
7 Searching
8 Menacing
9 Shining
10 Keen
Speech #
d10 Speech
1 Blunt
2 Booming
3 Cryptic
4 Droning
5 Formal
6 Gravelly
7 Precise
8 Squeaky
9 Eloquent
10 Whispery
Clothing #
d10 Clothing
1 Road-worn
2 Pristine
3 Extravagant
4 Blood-stained
5 Flowing
6 Practical
7 Archaic
8 Tattered
9 Colourful
10 Comfortable
Virtue d10 Vice
Ambitious 1 Aggressive
Cautious 2 Cold
Courageous 3 Mocking
Disciplined 4 Single-minded
Gregarious 5 Bloodthirsty
Honourable 6 Ruthless
Humble 7 Arrogant
Merciful 8 Condescending
Serene 9 Vain
Tolerant 10 Vengeful
Reputation d10 Misfortune
Boisterous 1 Abandoned
Reckless 2 Addicted
Dangerous 3 Maimed
Foolish 4 Condemned
Driven 5 Cursed
Damaged 6 Heartbroken
Odd 7 Wanted
Focused 8 Fractured
Respected 9 Disowned
Wise 10 Exiled

Starting Gear Tables #

Gun d10
Twin six shooters 1
Six shooter 2-3
Repeater 4
Scattergun 5
Rifle 6
Grip 2d6 Engraving
Sandalwood 2 Rose
Rosewood 3-5 Hawk
Leather-wrapped bone 6-7 Bumbler
Silver 8 Sword
Mother of Pearl 9 Dragon
Walnut 10-11 Bear
Ironwood 12 Manticore
Hat d10
Thread 1
Howdy 2
Stand 3
Jude 4
Preacher 5
Harrier 6
Galloner 7
Albion 8
None 9-10
Armour d20 Melee Weapon
Reinforced leather jacket 1-2 Spear
Padded poncho 3-5 Sabre
Waxed cotton duster 6-11 Machete
Thick furs 12-17 Bullwhip
None 18-20 Dagger
Expeditionary Gear d20 d20 Expeditionary Gear
Lantern & oil 1 11 Caltrops
Lockpicks 2 12 Grease
First aid kit 3 13 Soap
Blanket 4 14 Gun care kit
Cookware 5 15 Steel-toed boots
Tinder box 6 16 Chain (10ft)
Coffee 7 17 Monocular
Bedroll 8 18 Large trap
Bandolier 9 19 Grappling hook
Leather cuffs 10 20 Oilskin bag
Tool d10 Trinket
Razor 1 Compass
Hammer 2 Dice
Chalk 3 Bandanna
Lasso 4 Tobacco
Pick 5 Spectacles
Chisel 6 Guitar
Sheath knife 7 Face paint
Fishing line & hook 8 Horn
Sewing kit 9 Harmonica
Multitool 10 Rook’s skull