We Deal in Lead A Weird West Wanders Adventure Game

3rd Party Licence

We Deal in Lead Third Party Licence

This licence allows anyone to make adventures, worlds, monsters, items, or any other hacks for We Deal in Lead and sell or publish for free.


If you follow these rules you are allowed to publish free or commercial material based upon or declaring compatibility with We Deal in Lead without express permission from By Odin’s Beard RPG.

Without explicit permission, you may not:

  • Copy or re-use the art of We Deal in Lead, except illustrations by Kim Diaz Holm (these are released with a CC BY 4.0 licence)
  • Use the By Odin’s Beard RPG or We Deal in Lead logos
  • State or imply that your work is an official We Deal in Lead product, or that it has endorsement from By Odin’s Beard RPG

You may:

  • Use, copy, and modify the text of We Deal in Lead chapters 1-11 and the We Deal in Lead SRD
  • Use, reference, and modify the game rules and mechanics
  • Reference any locations, creatures, characters or factions mentioned in We Deal in Lead


The following text must be included somewhere visible within your publication, and on the website or storefront where you promote the product:

[Product name] is an independent production by [Author or Publisher] and is not affiliated with By Odin’s Beard RPG. It is published under the We Deal in Lead Third Party Licence.

This copyright text must be legibly included somewhere on the product:

We Deal in Lead is copyright By Odin’s Beard RPG.

By Odin’s Beard RPG takes no responsibility for any legal claims against your product.

Compatibility logo

You are allowed and encouraged (but are not required to) use one of the “Compatible with We Deal in Lead” or “Powered by Lead” logos in your product and on the website or storefront where you promote the product.

compatible_with_we_deal_in_lead compatible_with_we_deal_in_lead_bw_transparent
powered_by_lead powered_by_lead_bw_transparent